This is the storm before the calm.  Maybe.  I have no way of knowing that, really.

A lot has happened in the last few months, a lot is still going to happen this month, and then I hope to take a step back and do some future planning and reflecting in the coming months.

First of all – I get married in NINE days.  Or, maybe by the time I finish this and post it, it’s one day…or it has already happened.  Either way, it seems unreal.  Not in the “I’m never going to get married” kind of way, but in the “OMG this is really happening to me, I’m getting MARRIED” way.  I’ve never been the one to day dream about a future wedding, but this really is like a fairy tale – this is what most people are looking for, right?  Someone to spend the rest of their life with and that’s us!  We’re doing this!  Scott is awesome.  He made a heart out of the hose this morning before I fed the chickens hoping it would brighten my day.  It did. 

Side Note: for most of you that wouldn’t know this – we are getting married on the farm!


Speaking of the farm…

I now have 6 goats.  Cordelia and Shyla: the original gals.  Piper: Cordelia’s kid.  Big Daddy Rocco.  And the new ladies Gwendolyn and Helen.  This is all wonderful and dandy but I am having to prepare myself for Piper to leave the farm.  She can’t live there forever because I keep Rocco and that’s her dad.  It will definitely be sad, but I have to remember, if other people didn’t sell their goats – I wouldn’t have any.

I have stopped milking Cordelia.  Pro: Sleep in.  Con: No goat cheese and I feel like a bit of a quitter.  I did not separate Piper at all during the time I was milking Cordelia.  She always seemed to have plenty of milk and everyone seemed happy and healthy so I didn’t feel that it was necessary.  The problem with that is – I’m not really controlling the amount of milk she’s producing, the baby is, so when Piper didn’t need as much, Cordelia didn’t produce as much.  So Kelsey didn’t get as much.  I didn’t want to push it and with the wedding going on, it was one less thing to have to do.  Oh, and when we’re on our honeymoon, my mom requested she not have to milk a goat every morning while my parents watch the farm.

This fall I will breed Cordelia and Shyla.  Gwendolyn and Helen are still small and I think just having one kid vs. potentially 8 would be insane.  Even for me.  But seriously.  Think about having 8 baby goats.  I just got distracted and thought about baby goats for 20 minutes.


Beekeeping is crazy.  We are now getting much “better” at it, much calmer, and having so many bees flying around your face is much less unsettling.  One hive seems to be doing awesome but we’re not super confident with the other.  We opened one up and there were hardly any bees inside.  We didn’t think we saw any eggs or a queen.  In case you aren’t yourself a little beekeeper, you need to see these things.  We checked the other hive and it was awesome.  We get back to the house and do some research on what we were/weren’t doing and next thing you know we hear a tornado of bees and watched half of them leave the hive.  This isn’t good. Well…

We got back in a week later and we saw a TON of bees and it looked like they had really gotten to work!  Found some queen cells (maybe they are creating their own queen now), I fed them a bunch of sugar water but we may not get any honey from that hive this fall.

Rabbit breeding is not as easy as one would assume.  You know what they say about rabbits right?  Well….it’s not like that.  They do not seem interested and when the buck (boy rabbit) finally is – he um…usually positions himself on the wrong end.  Practice makes perfect I suppose so we’ll keep trying.  Hoping to have one litter this summer at least! 

Later:  I’ve been doing some research and checking his…parts….and it looks like he may not quite be sexually mature yet. 

Chickens.  We have far too many.  I will be the first to admit that.  We have 6 bantam chicks (Bantam = Tiny Chicken) and they can fit through the chain link in their outdoor run so they basically have free reign all day long and they head to the woods and hang out there all day. 


The turkeys are weird.  I can’t do anything without them following me.  It’s cute but also a little annoying because they come in to the house if I leave the door open for a second.  I put one on Roosevelt the Farm Dog’s back last night to see if he would take him for a ride.  Turkey didn’t sit still enough.

The ducks are smelly.  I think they are going to have to move out of the yard and go live with the goats and bunnies out in a field.

Post Wedding:

I will be looking for new jobs after the wedding.  It’s time to cut the commute a bit and have some brain power/will to accomplish goals when I get home.  When I leave work now, I’m simply just dead inside.

I also want to spend plenty of time “perfecting” instead of growing growing growing.  Take some time to really make some awesome fields for the goats.  Get the rabbit business up and running.  Work towards all grass fed, free range, organic this, organic that before adding yet another animal to the farm.

I’d also like to lay out some solid goals that I HAVE to meet.  Not just “eat healthy” or “get stronger”, but sell enough eggs to cover the cost of the chickens, make money with a booth at a craft fair, figure out how to build a business for Scott and I.

I’d like to take a step back for myself too.  I have a lot I’d like to work on inside myself and it’s hard to do that when it’s go time all the time and I’m always worried about a million other things.

Well that got lengthy.  This may be farewell for a bit until I get my bearings straight again.  Enjoy your summer evenings, get outside, get dirty, be happy.