You just freak out for a week and hope for the best.

Just kidding.  Ha ha kidding.  Get it?

The Girls


You should make sure you know when your goats…you know…did it.  Because then you can mark your calendar for 150 days out and start getting ready beforehand.

I saw my goats….do it…on October 22nd.  So I marked my calendar for March 25th because I can’t count.  Then, around March 18th realized I really should have marked it for the 22nd and freaked out.


Depending on your level of patience and expertise, you can start checking the next few things a week or so out.  The first clue I had that she was getting close was that it looked like her belly had sort of “shifted”.  It didn’t look as high up as it had before.


About a day later, I noticed her udder getting bigger.  And it got bigger every day for about 5 days before she gave birth.


Start feeling your goat’s ligaments in her tail about a month before she gives birth so you can notice the drastic difference.  Or don’t do that until 5 days out and bother the hell out of your other, non-pregnant goat, trying to see the difference.   Every day, you’ll go “oh yeah, today is the day, those ligaments are loose baby” until it actually happens and then you’ll know really how loose they could get.


Her lady bits also got a little swollen and she had some discharge.


The day she gave birth, she kept walking off to a corner and rubbing her belly. She seemed stressed and would sort of eat and then go walk off, eat again, walk off, etc.

So I went to work for a few hours and came home to find a little wet baby goat in the shed.  Reason #658 I want to quit my job.

Piper and Roosevelt

Piper giving Roosevelt a hug while he licks his butt.


These are certainly not the only signs that can occur, they don’t always have to occur in this order, they don’t even have to occur at all the way you think they will.  My recommendation is that you write all of this down while it’s happening so you can look back next year and be even more prepared.

And just so you don’t feel like I’m so smart and I know everything and I’m the best farmer ever:

My chickens basically stopped laying eggs and I have no idea why.