The last few weeks have been busy – in such a good way.I told myself that the last weekend in March was going to be the “End of My To –Do List”. What?! How can the start of spring and summer be the END of your to-do list, Kelsey?!?!?! Let me explain. This would be the end of major projects, investments, and asking Scott to build me some new shed/coop/house every weekend. Spring and summer will be a time to just get outside, feel the sun on my shoulders, run around barefoot, kayak, fish, hike, and just enjoy the farm.

Because the farm has some great things going on right now!

First of all, Cordelia, kidded last week and it is the most amazing thing ever. Little Piper (is actually Big Piper) brightens my whole day.  

Cordelia is also producing so much milk, I’m getting about a quart a day! Milking every morning has been wonderful. It’s so peaceful to be up (even if it is before sunrise…) and just be outside milking. I even tried milk for the first time since I was a baby. Yuck. I’ll stick with learning how to make cheese, yogurt, and soaps. It feels awesome to know I now no longer buy eggs or milk from the grocery store.

7 new chicks came too! 4 Barred Rocks and 3 Ameraucanas. I’m excited for more eggs and green eggs!  

Scott and I tilled out the garden too. It felt so good to have my hands in the dirt and it SMELLED like spring was really here. My mouth is watering just thinking about all the fresh veggies we’re going to have this year.

I’m in farm bliss right now.