Even the chickens roll in the mud.

What a dirty girl.


If you’re trying to hang out with me, I can’t:

I have chores
The dog rolled in something disgusting
Something has escaped
Something is broken
Another think is broken
The house is falling apart
Something requires feeding
Something that earlier required feeding, now has to poop and I need to clean it up


Inventions that I think would make farming easier:

Animal birth control pills.
Seriously.  HOW is this not a thing?  You would know exactly when everything was going in to heat, making breeding schedules WAY easier.  You’d be able to let males and females live together most of the time, allowing pastures to recover.

You have to go out and feed/water/milk everything at the same time every day anyway, slipping a pill in everyone’s morning feed dish or hay would not be that complicated.

I don’t even care if you steal this idea…I just want it to happen.


How to make your wedding more farm-chic:

Everyone wants a rustic, barn wedding these days.  Here are a few tips from a rustic, barn dwelling gal who is in the midst of planning her own wedding…

-Instead of releasing white doves, the wedding party is going to throw white chickens at Scott and me as we walk down the aisle.

-Each table will have a taxidermy groundhog posing in a scene that represents the last 4 years we’ve had together.

-Planning a spring wedding?  Get your order of chicks in and use them as table décor.  It entertains the guests as well as creates a super cute, spring time atmosphere.

-Make sure your maid of honor knows how to milk goats.

Maybe I’m kidding.  Maybe I’m not.


Smart Decisions I’ve Made:

I’m not getting ducks.  The thought of building yet ANOTHER infrastructure made me have second thoughts.  Then the thought of how messy ducks are made me have more thoughts.  Then the thought of having to butcher and PLUCK more birds made me decide a big fat NOPE.   I think, because I’m being so rational, I should be allowed to get an extra birthday goat this year.
We ordered seeds while it was pouring down rain for the 150th day in a row.

It felt really productive even though I was still in my pjs well after 10 am.