I know I’m supposed to appreciate each season but I’m ready for spring.

Has anyone else (in the northern Virginia region) felt like it has just been rainy and dark all winter?  Like the sun has literally never come out and everything is just brown and muddy 7 days a week?

Maybe I’m exaggerating, maybe I’m not.


I’m ready to go outside and feel the sun on my skin.

I’m ready to wear dresses and be barefoot all the time.  And then wonder why I let the chickens free range.

I’m ready for all this rabbit poop in the garden to create heaps of veggies and wonder who in the world needs 15+ squash at any given time.

I’m ready for baby goats and to take the goats on woodland adventures to eat all the leaves.

I’m ready to get chicks and turkeys.

And start the beehives.

I’m ready to get the kayaks out and drink a beer on the river.

I’m ready to take Roosevelt for a swim.

I’m ready for flowers and birds chirping and the smell of spring.

I’m ready to sleep with the windows open.

I’m ready for the sun to be out more than 9 hours a day.

I’m ready to squeeze up next to Cordelia and milk her every morning.


Even though I have a million things I should get squared away and finished before spring comes and brings new projects and chores – I’m still excited.  When it’s nice outside and pretty, you just want to do more.  For some reason, driving a post in to the ground in the cold and rain just doesn’t motivate me to get the entire project done.  But the thought of baby goats keeps me going.  My own baby goats. To snuggle all day every day.

Baby goats baby goats baby goats baby goats.

As I was posting this – a glimmer of blue sky peaked through the clouds…there is hope on the horizon.