To me, farming is:

  • The careful planning of when exactly all your animals are going to breed and then them doing it behind your back.
  • Coming up with a plan and having it blow up in your face.
  • Having two people give you absolutely polar opposite advice and just making up whatever answer you felt like doing in the first place.

New additions to the farm:

  • Meat rabbits.

They are soft and cute and I have no idea what I’m doing.

  • One of the goats is pregnant!!!!

This is the most terrifying, exciting thing that’s ever happened to me.  I’ve told work I need goat maternity leave at the end of March and they think I’m joking.  I’m so nervous that something will go wrong and I just want everyone to be happy and healthy and have what they need for the big day and the days following the birth.  I will 100% be posting 600 pictures a day of the baby goats.


  • I am trying to make amazing food and not stress out about it. I get so frantic every night thinking dinner is taking too long or that it’s too hard and then we rush through eating it because I have 57 other things I need to do.  Wine typically helps this but I really don’t want to drink every night.  I got so many amazing cookbooks this Christmas and I want to eat everything out of them.


Tuesday night I made some pretty terrible salmon burgers.  Maybe it’s the dill…either way I hated them.  But then I reminded myself that I have 16 mouths to feed every night and I can’t possibly make everyone happy.


Have a productive weekend.  There is no time for Netflix.