What a sunrise.

I think I’ve decided I’m going to give myself a year.

A year to pay off debts

To be financially “comfortable”

Put some more money in to savings

Get in to a groove of joint checking (I’m getting married in 198 days people!)

Get in to a groove of doubling the amount of animals we have while also BREEDING THEM (breeding your animals takes it to a whole new level, I tell you what)

Refining a better organic, non GMO, sustainable, cost effective system with what we grow, raise and purchase

And make a little money off the farm.

And then I’m going to make a change.  Whether that be cutting down to part time hours at my current job, finding another part time job, working from home, whatever.  It isn’t time to decide that yet, but I know I need to make a change if I want to grow the farm.  I want to do it gradually.  I think that’s what’s best for Scott and me.  There, I said it; my fiancé’s name is Scott!  With less than 200 days until the wedding, it is best you start getting to know him too.

It’s exciting and scary at the same time.  I had a little chat with all the animals this morning to let them know we were all in this together.  We were all working towards “The Good Life” together.  Not that they understood a word I said.  Well…sometimes I think Roosevelt does.

Speaking of which – he and I had a long talk this morning about how he was going to stay out of his crate all day today while Scott and I were at work.  And that I really don’t want him to destroy the house.  Because it’s better for all of us.  And that if he MUST do something bad, I’d rather him just sleep on the furniture.

Anyways.  Here’s to dreams.  Here’s to plans.  Here’s to doing what makes your heart sing.


And P.S. Roosevelt only chewed up one pen.  A little inky but much better than I had anticipated.