I love waking up early (ok, not early early, not as early as I do during the week), seeing the sun come up, hearing the animals start rustling around and getting outside.  I love sitting down to a cup of tea, not enjoying it at my desk.

I love letting all the chickens loose to roam and peck and run and stretch their wings.  Letting the goats out to find all the best grass, leaves and shrubs still left in the woods.  Roosevelt knowing he has an ENTIRE day with us and won’t have to stay inside or go in his crate.

I love changing the bedding in the goat’s shed and the chicken coop.  Knowing they have a fresh, clean place to hang out for the rest of the week is so satisfying.  I love accomplishing big tasks.  Like moving ALL the hay I had already stacked.  Creating an entire new field for the goats to have a rotation system. Building rabbit houses so I can GET SOME RABBITS!

Deciding to take a break from farm-work and walk down to the river with the dog.  Or go inside and read a book.  Gaining Ground by Forrest Pritchard.  My heart skips a beat just thinking about that book.  I wish there were 1,000 books just like it.  Anyone have any recommendations?  Winter is coming and I’d like to be prepared and let farming inspiration wash over me.

Cooking and enjoying dinner.  Early.

Putting my jammies on early and watching a movie snuggled up on the couch with Farm Fiancé.  Maybe a glass of wine.  Or two. And all over again the next day.

I love this.  I love being a part of the fields and woods and rivers.  Feeling the sun, the wind, the cold.  Immersing myself in the animals.  Letting the rest of the world slip farther away and just BEING.