I want it all.

I want 1,000 animals running around.

I want to grow and raise all of our own food and the animal’s food.  I want to make everything from scratch and never have to go to a grocery store again!

I want a constant supply of baby animals.

I don’t have any money.

We have so much debt to pay off.

Why are bills so expensive?

Spending whole days making bread and canning would be awesome.

I could just be home all.the.time.

Roosevelt (the pup) would have so much run around time.

I need my job because of those sweet sweet benefits.

I really want to have 40 goats.

I want to be an artisan cheese maker that is rugged, classy and beautiful at the same time.

Could I give up everything for the farm?

Yes, I probably could.

Could Farm Fiancé?

Not so sure.

How do I do it all?

I want to wear coveralls by day.

I want to travel….and bring all the goats with me.

I want to have 16 puppies.

You thought 2016 was going to be The Year?  Well 2017 is going to be THE Year.

The book “Gaining Ground” by Forrest Pritchard is probably the best, most inspirational book ever written in the history of the universe.  And that’s probably what got me going on this tangent.

Thank you for reading.