“Life begins again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

To me, fall is the collective sigh of relief after the long, hot, overwhelming days of summer end.  I’m trying to feel this even more on the homestead as it is a time to fine tune, clean out, organize and settle in for the winter.

My goal for the last few months of 2016 is to find peace and balance with the life I’ve been given.  From there I can build, grow, change and adapt.  I’ve listed out some of the things that need to be “beautified”.  Put to bed. Tucked in for the winter.

-I need to have all the houses, coops and sheds nice and clean and cozy.  This includes the one for us humans.
-The animals all need to be fat and happy for the winter.  The humans can be a part of that too (within reason 🙂 )

-I need to think before I speak and be nicer by keeping mean thoughts to myself and rather than criticize; teach.
-I need more snuggles and love and affection.  I also need to give those things.

-Honestly, I feel pretty good about this one.  I think I spend a good amount of time with my family and we only seem to be getting closer.

-I need to find time for them and not get so stressed/tightly wound about social gatherings.  Friendsgiving should be my debut.

-I’ve started my farm budget but I need to not get so low on funds before another paycheck comes through.  Less frivolous spending is necessary to achieve my goal of leaving my office job!

F’ing work-
-Find some podcasts to listen to on the way home from work so at least the long commute isn’t such a waste of time.
-Make sure I stand up for myself when my hours are going up.

To me, these are baby steps to help me achieve my 2017 goals in a more organized, peaceful manner.  And that’s what I really need – Inner Peace.