I’m not really sure what you would call what we’re doing…


–To my suburban and city friends, I’m a full-fledged farmer and no one understands a bit of what I’m doing.

–To a farmer, I have some pets running around.

–To real homesteaders, we’re living the sweet life.  We may not have internet or cable but every major box store AND outlet malls are within a 5 mile drive.


To me, we’re just doing what we like doing.  I wanted animals, I got animals. I wanted a garden – luckily farm fiancé does all of that.  We’re both willing to fix fences, build new structures, clean the gutters, and live “in the middle of nowhere”.  We both enjoy walking through the woods, going kayaking, spending all afternoon on the front porch and exploring the farm.


So that’s what we’re doing.  Sure we have other dreams.  I’d love to quit my job and make enough off the farm to eek out a living.  He’d love to build beautiful furniture from a backyard wood shop.


We’re slowly but surely we’ll get where we want to go, but we’re certainly enjoying the view from here.