2017 Farm Goals

I LOVE New Year’s Resolutions.  LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM.  Honestly, I think I might print these out and frame them this year because I love them so much.

And September is definitely not too early to start writing them.  In case you were wondering.

Most of these are farm related, others are personal but I figured I’d lay them all out.  Some may change, some may never get accomplished buy hey…nobody’s perfect.

  1. Breed the goats.
    1. Make sure both can be bred at the same time! Shyla needs to be 8 months or 80 lbs.
    2. Find a buck or A.I.
    3. Return buck? Did I keep buck?  Does this mean I need to find him a permanent friend?
    4. Have a birthing stall.
    5. Build a milking stand.
    6. Be totally prepared for LITTLE BABY GOATS.
    7. Milk mama’s and enjoy BABY GOATS.
  2. Get turkeys.
    1. 3 turkeys. One for Thanksgiving, one for Friendsgiving, one as backup/Christmas.
    2. January- I didn’t start early enough this year so I’m worried they won’t be as big as I’d like. January also gives me some time to stagger the amount of birds going in the annex (the outbuilding that has electricity where baby birds go J )
    3. Breeding pair? Make this a sustainable venture.
    4. Move their house out of yard – too smelly. Don’t want to be weird bird people.  Put in field with ducks and rabbits?
  3. Get more chickens.
    1. In February or March
    2. No more than 4!
    3. Barred Rocks, Orpingtons preferred.
    4. I like the idea of not buying “just pullets”. I feel like it gives roosters a chance at a happy little life. Plus it always gives me the opportunity to get more.  I think because chickens have so many cool breeds, I’d like to add to the flock every year instead of letting them hatch their own eggs.
  4. Get ducks.
    1. Build mobile housing for them.
    2. Put them in goat field rotation.
    3. Let them hatch their own eggs? I’ll make that call after I decide how much I like having ducks.
    4. In March-May – whenever there aren’t a million other birds in the annex


  1. Get meat rabbits.
    1. 1 buck and 2 does.
    2. Build mobile housing for them.
    3. Put them in goat field rotation WITH ducks.


  1. Get more land.
    1. Ask landlords if I can fence off 1 extra field so that goats and birds/rabbits each have their own field with one empty one at all times.
    2. Beg friends to help fence that field.
    3. Should this have been step 1?


  1. Get bees.
    1. In warmer spring.
    2. Where to keep them?
    3. Make their houses pretty.


  1. Get a peacock.
    1. For funsies.
    2. Only if I have space.
    3. Only if I’m actually an insane person. You remember I’m away from home at LEAST 10 hours a day right?  And nights and weekends??


  1. Learn how to make goat cheese, yogurt, caramel, soap and lotion. Use honey in these too!


  1. Use more essential oils.
    1. Try DoTerra brand Lavendar and Peppermint since I use these frequently now.
    2. Maybe add 2 or 3 more to my repertoire.


  1. Build shelves for goats to sleep on in goat shed.


  1. Re-do dilapidated shed in yard.
    1. Make it a shed as needed.
    2. It’s wasting space right now.


  1. Make more bread and in more varieties.


  1. Make money off the farm! Anything!
  2. Get married!
  3. Be more farmstead/housewifey.
    1. This sounds weird and old fashioned but dangit I want to look nice, have a clean house, a nice yard and happy little animals running around like my perfect 1940s-1950’s dream ok??


  1. Be more welcoming. I sometimes hate having people over and leaving the house in general and I need to just get over that because I’m engaged to a very social person.


  1. Learn to relaxxxxxxxx.
    Take deep breaths
  2. Take a moment to be thankful and organize my thoughts.


  1. Be organized and clean and fresh and pretty.


  1. Learn learn learn learn learn new things.


  1. Visit a new state. Farm Fiancé and I have a goal to get to all 50 states.  I think we’re at 11 so far.


  1. Be happy. This seems like a weird one but sometimes I get bogged down with the stress of work, trying to make time for everyone in my life as well as myself and the farm and I need to remember that I’m blessed to have these “problems”.  That I have a job, that I have the farm, that I have friends and family who want to see me.


I might be insane.  I might just be really motivated.  I might just be trying to prove my point that I don’t need this dumb office job (there’s nothing worse when I say I won’t be here forever and someone gives me that “That’s what I said 25 years ago and look at me now” look).  I may also just be crazy passionate about homesteading and need to do this like I need to breathe.  We’ll see.