Let me tell you a little more about my farm…

First – there’s the puppy.  He’s a 6 month old Australian Shepherd and actually the cutest dog in the universe.  His hobbies include: being a maniac, playing with his goat sisters and eating bugs.

To me, being a farm dog is probably the best life there is.

There are also 10 chickens.  I got 10 from the feed store and no one could tell me what breed or sex they were so that’s been exciting.  4 Leghorn hens, 2 Red Sex Link hens, 1 Rhode Island Red hen, 2 Rhode Island Red Roosters and 1 tiny little Bantam rooster.

They are finally laying eggs and I feel like such a proud mama that I want to have “My Chicken is an Honor Roll Student” bumper sticker.

Then there are the 3 turkeys – Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.  Who knows if they’ll be big enough by Thanksgiving but unlike other women who impulse buy shoes, I impulse buy turkeys. Turkeys are just little dinosaurs that run around the yard making funny noises.

Last but not least: the goats.  Two Alpine does. I love goats.  Goats goats goats.  I used to work on a farm with a bunch of guys who made fun of me for liking the goats so much but now I have my own and I can hug them as much as I want.  I can’t wait til they have babies.  I can’t wait to have 40 goats.  Goats.


We’re also surrounded by about 200 cows.  They aren’t ours, which is nice because all I have to do is look at them and enjoy the fact that I wake up and cows are typically right by my bedroom window.

By the way: we’re renting this farm so there are pros and cons.  We obviously have to ask permission for everything and sometimes I forget and just do it and then get lucky that the landlords said yes.  The fact that they have pretty much always said yes has been wonderful.  There has also already been some infrastructure and fencing around so we didn’t have to completely start from scratch.

Enough about me.  What about you?  Anyone?  I think I got a follower last week!  What kind of farm are you working with?  What kind of farm do you want?  What kind of farm did you have?

Stay tuned for feeding schedules, living quarters and my frustration with being totally self-sufficient.


Until we meet again,